Day 1

After a really great week of training up a whole batch of new competition pilots, we had two quick rest days before the main event.  Despite a week of "practice" the first day didn't go entirely as planned - there are always those kinks to work out.  

We decided to try something different and use a task committee (we're calling it/him/her/them the Stig) consisting of very experienced and highly qualified comp pilot(s) that just don't happen to be competing here this year.  For fun (and some other reasons), we thought it would be good to keep that committee anonymous - although I'm hearing rumors that the Stig might be making an appearance on the last day.  
Anyway, despite all of it's expertise and experience, the task call today turned out to be the wrong one. The forecast looked much better than it turned out to be.  It called for reasonably high base and strong climbs.  Unfortunately, we were plagued with high cloudiness that made the lift whimpy at best.  The 172km task to Vidalia to visit our favorite onion was a bit too much for everyone.  No one made goal and many were no more than 20 or 30km out from Americus.  What a bummer for such a promising day.  But, we'll hope for better tomorrow.  

Scores aren't up yet, but rumor has it that Oleg made it furthest, making us all very hopeful for that comeback of his!  It is great to have him back on the scene and it's as if he never went away....same smile and great attitude....and apparently he hasn't lost any of those world class skills over the last 6 years. 

As usual, we're sharing the runway with the Citations of the rich and famous ;-)

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